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100% Money Back Guarantee on your Atlanta local digital ads campaign.

As soon as we receive your request, our team of designers, copywriters, and programmers will begin working on your new site. By providing as much information as possible, we can make sure your Atlanta website has the highest level of personalization possible.

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Our Atlanta digital ad packages just made it easy for Atlanta small business

starting with Atlanta local digital ads on Google.

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We begin by doing Atlanta keywords research, competitive research and pinpointing any opportunities you have to capture leads. Our account executives capture all your info to begin. 

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We begin to create and tie in all your accounts, from Google Analytics 4 to google search console, we make sure all accounts are tied in reporting goals and conversions. 

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We create all your ads, from search ads, retargeting ads, click to call ads and more. We launch a diverse multi-faceted campaign that captures the most leads. We then optimize it on a weekly basis.

What's Included

All these amazing features come with your Digital Ads package


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Compare to others charging $750/month

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Account dashboard

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Weekly reporting

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Call Tracking Numbers

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Custom Goals Setting

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Click Fraud Prevention

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Online form tracking

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Google Analytics

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Custom Audiences

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Weekly campaign optimization

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Monthly Status meeting

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Local Strategies

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Landing page creation

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Facebook Ad Campaign

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Mini CRM

Besides creating and setting up your campaigns, we provide call tracking, lead tracking, lead reporting and weekly reports.


Your Local Digital Ads Campaign At A Glance.

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Tell us about your Atlanta business and goals.

We send you a special questionaire which lets our account executives and specialists gather all the information so we can gain access or create all necessary accounts and begin creating your ad campaigns. 

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We work towards your Atlanta digital ads goals

We make sure your campaigns are fully functional and triggering for all necessary keywords. We then tie it in to our reporting software which keep track of conversions and phone calls. 

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We keep optimizing your digital campaigns.

The most successful digital ad campaigns are the ones where you teach Google Ads A.I. which customers are your best customers via conversions. We keep optimizing until they deliver good leads to you. 


In a 3 days we can get your digital ads campaigns launched - start getting calls now!

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1726 Local Digital Ads Reviews

Small Business Digital Ads : Excellent

“Super cool results, they have actually managed to gain very good improvements in my website rankings within 3 months. They have actually helped to give right direction to my online business. I am very thankful to Networking Bizz team.”

Informatic, LLC

Mary Spencer, USA

‚ÄúNetworking Bizz did a fantastic job with our company website. Lui is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. He understands how to build a great website. And he worked with us to make our website vision a reality! ‚ÄĚ

Natures Anthem, LLC

Alya Haq, Pasadena CA

‚ÄúNetworking Bizz has been so understanding of my goals for the business! It was so frustrating trying to figure things out on my own up until I found them, they helped guide me to the right direction and made sure that I wasn’t missing out on any sales opportunities. Thank you ‚ÄĚ

Khorr Foods 

Siobhan Kelly, USA

Still have questions? Schedule a Small Business Digital Ads Services demo today!

What makes our small business digital ads services different? Having trouble picking a digital ads package? See info below.

Don't Waste Time trying to manage your Atlanta Google / Bing ads yourself.

We know how to bring you more leads! We offer a tried-and true method for managing your Atlanta small business’s digital advertising. With call tracking, we’ll be able track the success of each ad and ensure that they are being seen by potential customers in an authentic way – without draining their budget too quickly or leaving them stuck trying on his/her own with Google Adwords alone (we’ve all been there). Get started today so our team can work its magic generating quality prospects from those pesky first fewIntent refreshes

Networking Bizz small business Atlanta digital ads service Includes all these and more:

So what exactly do you get in our small business Atlanta digital ads services packages?

This is a limited-time Small business digital ads services offer. While supplies last!

Still have questions about our digital ads services?


Digital Ads Frequently Asked Questions

We make it very easy and simple to get started with your Digital Ads Management Plan. Simply go to our Digital Ads / PPC page and pick your service, after that pick the package that best fits your needs and go directly to our sign up page where you can add your info and begin the whole process.

Once you have purchased it your project manager will send an intro email and a specialized questionnaire from our project management system.

The signup process is short and simple, we simply ask a few key questions, logins if you have any accounts, and any content uploads like bio, descriptions and media. The more complete the information you provide, the better result you’ll receive and the faster we can finish your work.

You should receive a questionnaire right away so we can begin collecting all the information and our project managers can get you set up and your project started.

For Digital Ads: We will have your access panel, reporting dashboard, and accounts fully set up within 5 days or less (depending on the content you provide) we will email you / contact you if we have any additional details missing. Your campaign should be built out within 5-10 days. Please note that Google also has an approval process that takes 24-48 hours for any ads to begin running.

We mainly use Google Ads search campaigns to bring you qualified leads to your landing page. In some cases we do click to call ad campaigns that connects prospects to your business right away. We track all conversions to make sure google ads are reporting correctly and google can learn more and use its AI to deliver better results over time.

Depending on which plan you choose, we will focus on google, bing ‚Äď Microsoft ads, and facebook / instagram lead gen ads.

We include the following with all of our digital ads packages
1. Reporting Dashboard
2. Weekly reports
3. Campaign management
4. Tracking numbers
5. Form tracking
6. Livechat tracking
7. Ads creation and rotation

See the types of ads we focus on:
1. Search Ads ( Google / Bing )
2. Phone Click to Call Lead Ads
3. Lead Form Ads
4. Retargeting Ads
5. Youtube (Retargeting / Pay Per View Ads ) – Coming Soon
6. Facebook / Instagram Lead Gen Ads

Yes! we begin by setting up your Google tag manager, google analytics, google business profile, and google search console to fully optimize the ads experience and get the most out of your ads.

Absolutely! When upgrading or downgrading your website plan, you will receive either a prorated charge or refund, depending on the cost of your new plan. Please note to downgrade plan you must at least let 3 billing cycles pass before downgrading.

Canceling is an easy process. It’s done online right from your Account Billing page, or you can open up a support ticket in our Customer Help Section, or simply email or contact us.

If you are not properly tracking calls on campaigns then they are not working! We deliver awesome call tracking software included with your management price. We offer dynamic number insertion for your ads, local and toll free numbers, call forwarding, call recording texting, tracking and much more!
Please note that we do charge an extra for all minutes used in campaigns .06 cents per minute

1. Search Campaign ( Call Ads / Search Text Ads / Responsive Ads / Local Ads )
2. Performance Max ( Ecommerce )
3. Display / Retargeting
4. Youtube Video (Views / Retargeting) – Coming Soon
5. App – Coming Soon

Yes we do, since larger budgets require more time, optimization and strategy those take more time so require more management budget to operate. Our thresholds on spending are as follows:
Starter Plan – $200-$300 per month of spend
Business Plan – $300-$800 per month of spend
Business Plus – $600 – $1200 per month of spend
If you require more spend, we can create a custom package for you. Just set up a meeting and we can go over all your needs.

Yes! unfortunately our providers also bill us for usage, so we pass the savings on to you ‚Äď at just .06 cents per minute most clients are spending an average of $50 per month

Yes! we have many add ons which can be added a-la-carte, such as retargeting campaigns, facebook campaigns, crms.

Yes we have this as an a-la-carte add on for $150 a month additional. This is an extra feature in case you need a 1on1 status meeting every month.

Yes, although we do not encourage it, you are free to take off any add ons at any time, please note that charges are not refunded for remainder of monthly term.


Book a Live SEO, Website or Digital Ads Demo now, all attendees get a $10 Starbucks Card sent to you via email.

It’s our way of saying thank you for your time and interest in our packages!

Must attend, be a qualified potential customer and stay for the full live demo*

More Atlanta Local Digital Ads Info

Local digital marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses seeking to reach local customers. By narrowing the focus of Atlanta digital ads to Atlanta local audiences, businesses are guaranteed that their message will be seen by customers in their desired target area. This provides local companies with the ability to get specific and direct local ads towards their ideal customers, ensuring that searchers can easily find local options for their needs. Atlanta Local digital advertising allows local businesses to gain visibility and draw in a customer base from the local area, allowing them to maximize their success over other local competition.

1. Why is Atlanta digital advertising important?

There are many reasons that Atlanta digital ads are a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy. Maybe the most important one is that consumers are spending more and more time connected to the Internet through their computers, smartphones, and smart home devices. The average American has access to more than 10 connected devices in their household.1 Atlanta Digital marketing allows you to meet audiences where they are.

People make decisions about the goods and services they buy at all times of the day, during all kinds of activities. With Atlanta digital ads, you can reach audiences when they are browsing online for products to buy. Or you might reach them when they’re streaming a TV show, visiting a favorite website, or using social media. Even if they don’t choose to purchase from you in that moment, reaching them in these different contexts can help them remember your brand later on, when they’re ready to purchase.

2. Atlanta Digital advertising metrics

Atlanta Digital ads can be measured in almost every aspect of performance. To measure your digital advertising campaign, you might use these engagement metrics:

  • Clicks: How many times your ad is clicked
  • Impressions: How many times your ad appears
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of impressions that result in a click
  • Reach: How many viewers are shown your ad
  • Video completion rate: How many times viewers who are shown your video ad watch the entire ad

The following metrics measure the results of your Atlanta campaign:

  • Conversion rate: How many times customers performed a desired action (click, purchase, subscription) after viewing your ad
  • Ad-attributed sales: Purchases that can be traced back to your ad (attribution models vary by ad type and service)
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS): How much revenue was generated by your ad campaign in relation to how much budget you spent
  • Return on investment (ROI): How much net profit you earned from your ad campaign in relation to how much budget you spent
  • Advertising cost of sales (ACOS): The ratio of ad spend to ad-attributed sales
  • New-to-brand sales: How many purchases were made by customers who had never bought from you before
3. How do Atlanta Google local search ads work?
Atlanta Local search ads appear to users searching for a business to help with their problems.
If a user is searching for plumbing work, for example, those users will see ads for local plumbing services in their area.
Local search ads are labeled with a small green, ‚ÄúGoogle Guaranteed,‚ÄĚ checkmark to inform users that these are businesses they can trust. Also, local search ads are located right above text ads, so they‚Äôre the first thing users see when looking for a local business or service. That means your ads can steal valuable traffic from other companies that rank on the first page of search results.
Users can get to this section by clicking on the ‚ÄúMore Places‚ÄĚ button right under the first three local results, known as the ‚ÄúLocal 3-Pack.‚ÄĚ Typical results appear with a red icon, but in the map section, Google replaces it with a green ad icon. Local search ads also show right on Google Maps.
Regular Google Maps results appear with a red icon, but with local search ads, Google replaces these red icons with a purple ad icon known as a promoted pin.
Google pushes these ads to the top of local results, which can increase traffic to your website and your physical store. With Google Maps, it’s important to know that it will only show a maximum of two ads in search results, resulting in a lot more competition for ad space.
4. What is paid search?
When you type something into Google, you’re presented with a list of results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Here, you see both organic results and paid results.
Paid search results appear at the top of the SERP, and they feature a little green box with the word ‚ÄėAd‚Äô. To start running Search ads and drive traffic to your website, sign up for a Google Ads account. You’ll only be charged when someone clicks on your ad, and gets redirected to your site.

Take action and build your Atlanta business with our Atlanta digital ads.

Your success is our success online!
Get your Atlanta business digital ads campaign up and running today.